Hey y’all look…

macbook pro and pink pen on table
Hey Y’all look…

Today is Saturday, I hear sweet huzbend in the back yard mowing the lawn.  The girls are resting at my feet with the occasional looking up to me to say “are you almost finished on the computer?”.   I am so inspired and passionate about what I am trying to get accomplished with this social media marketing thing, that I am willing to let the laundry, dishes and cleaning go for while.   I must get this finished!

Steve came in from mowing the lawn a few minutes ago, I was just bursting at the seams to show off this days hard work with a new website/blog etc.  Sweaty from mowing and forever championing my dreams he sat down with a glass of water to see what I had accomplished.  He watched each click of each page, as I tried to explain the “why” behind the decisions I made.  He acted so interested, wait, I really think he was interested.  With words of affirmation and  lovingly supporting me, he kissed me and back out to finish todays yard work.

Still so excited about getting my website/blog set up, I just had to call mama.  Mama has always been my number fan.  She believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself.  She tried every way to stand behind me and showed that she would always be there no matter what.  Ring, Ring, Ring, Ring.  She never answered the phone.  I decided to stop social media development for a while and show some overdue attention to the girls.  PING, my cellphone went off, it was mama texting.  “Did I miss a call from you?”  quickly my fingers hit the icon, phone-favorites-mama and the ringing began.  “Mama, can you get on your iPad?  Go to Google.  Search for emmesandersrdh.com.”

There is something about the support of our loved ones.  While I embark on certain things to improve myself, there are still the moments when you need the stamp of approval from your loved ones.  I know, its just a website/blog to some.  For me, its another star in my sky.arts-and-crafts-bracelet-business-744662

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