PerioCharting is a Standard of care


Before looking at the importance and profitability of periodontal charting, let’s look at the standards:

In its Revised 2016 Standards for Clinical Dental Hygiene Practice, the American Dental Hygienists’ Association says, “A comprehensive periodontal examination is part of the clinical assessment,” including a full-mouth periodontal charting.

A periodontal chart should report six data points, the ADHA says:

  1. Probing depths
  2. Bleeding points
  3. Suppuration
  4. Mucogingival relationships/defects
  5. Recession
  6. Attachment level/attachment loss

Why such a complete chart? Would a faster “spot checking” method be adequate?

“No,” says Beverly Maguire, RDH, writing for RDH Magazine. Without a complete chart, you’re “simply assuming the patient is healthy.” Plus, failure to diagnose periodontal disease could expose your practice to litigation, which would definitely cut into your profits and your reputation.

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