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With Emme’s energetic and positive outlook, she has managed to transform dental offices that range from boutiques to multi-location businesses. She understands that the delicate balance between periodontal therapy and aesthetic dentistry leads a dental practice to blossom.

Emme believes that with positivity, knowledge and teamwork, your practice will find success. Her expertise in coordinating treatment and case presentation allows her to help patients understand the value of optimal dental care. Emme’s passion lies in bringing dental teams together to realize their full potential. This requires developing healthy goals, both physically and mentally, and laying the proper blueprints in order to achieve them. She aims to create a learning space that inspires and invigorates you and your team.


Elevate Your Communication; Change Your Patient’s Behavior!

Are you tired of your patients not taking you seriously? Are you frustrated when your patients don’t own their disease? You are not alone! Now, more than ever, patients need to comprehend our message of overall health through dental wellness. This workshop will transform your communication style and delivery resulting in patients who change their behavior.

Unleash the Power of Ultrasonics

Utilizing ultrasonic technology will not only help your patients achieve optimal health but will also reduce operator fatigue. You will improve ergonomics while increasing efficiency in your workplace. Experience the power of piezo technology and how it can help you provide exceptional care with patient comfort and improved clinical outcomes.

Beat the Biofilm Blues

Biofilm removal is the most important step in achieving disease remission and ideal clinical outcomes. Advances in technology have made biofilm control possible for hygienists during clinical care and for patients at home. This hands-on course will explore many of the available options for managing biofilm infections. You will have the first-hand opportunity to experience first-hand several types of Piezoelectric and Magnetostrictive technologies.

Are you Hot or Not? Understanding Inflammatory Burden

Systemic inflammation is killing us! It’s time to fight back. Are you ready to pick up your sword and shield and march toward a future where we are more than just dental professionals? This course will examine the effects periodontal disease has on every aspect of your wellness or illness. Join me and arm yourself with the information you need to answer the call.

Oral Cancer: Do or Die

Oral cancer is the only cancer that has increased steadily over the last 7 years. Do you know which sex is more likely to have oral cancer? Do you know the hidden risk factors for head and neck cancers? Join me for this course as we peel back the layers and bare all about the delicate subject of oral, head, and neck cancers.

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